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Sep 2


Outfit remake for all the Robins :D 

- Dick Grayson (Nightwing) 

- Jason Todd (Red Hood) 

-Tim Drake (Red Robin)

- Damian Wayne (Robin) 

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Empire 6, field-testing a new camera (Fujifilm X-T1 with the 56/1.2).

These are jpegs straight out of the camera, with light cropping (and exposure compensation is a couple of cases) as the only postprocessing, so I think we can call that a win.

Oh yeah, that picture with a black background? That’s not studio lighting, that’s someone standing by one of the IC streetlights. This thing sees in the dark.

When used at absurdly shallow depth of field, it’s always going to stand and fall on the autofocus system - and while it missed some shots on moving targets, that still feels like operator error for now - because it’s impressively accurate most of the rest of the time.

The built in wi-fi is surprisingly nice; the ability to just switch it on in a bag, and browse the photos on my tablet turns out to be real win - and combined with SOOC usable jpegs, that means I can turn around finished photos for people right after shooting them.

Still waiting for one more lens (the unreleased 18-135) - but I’ve every intention of making this thing my main camera.

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Sep 1


cybersyncing said: ok but hear me out: The Hobbit where everything is the same except Bilbo has the personality of Martin Freeman

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you did a great job surviving today. 

i’m proud of you. 

After having a severe breakdown due to stress today, this is exactly what I needed to hear.

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Aug 31



Want awesome chest harnesses or body armor? Something perfect for that new cosplay/costume/LARP outfit?  NOW YOU CAN GET YOURS RIGHT HERE. Just follow this link. 

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